Apeman 4k Action Camera Review: An Exclusive Overview

A few years ago, the market for action cameras was dominated by the leading brands in the industry. It was not until recently when there are already obscure brands that are not so popular, and stable came up with action cameras of their own. Surprisingly, some of the camera models that they produce were good that it could compete with the high-end action cameras out there in the market today. One of these action cameras is the APEMAN action camera with 12MP lens and capable of shooting Full HD 1080p resolution. Let us take a closer glance at this product along with its specifications. This article will help us in doing so and see for ourselves if this product is worth buying for or not.

Apeman 4k Action Camera Review

Apeman 4k Action Camera Review

Apeman 4k Action Camera Review

The 12MP and 1080p photo and video capabilities may not cause you to jump out of your seat since there are action cameras out there who can offer better photo or video resolutions particularly the 4K video recording which is the current trend. However, the following specifications can also be considered to be standard and are passable requirements when it comes to modern-day photography and videography. This reason only means that the APEMAN action camera is good enough to use for vlogging purposes and various forms of photography given its capabilities but is also limited towards other activities that may require high-end specs and features.

The APEMAN action camera can support multiple recording modes, and although the highest resolution is at 1080p at 30 fps, you can also choose to select lower resolutions such as 720p and 480p depending on what you need for a particular video. The camera is also supported by H.264 coding format that helps restore details of photos. The WDR function that comes with it is also helpful in processing light and shadows on images to automatically fix photos to be clear and of excellent quality. Last but not the least, the WDR function also assists in manually adjusting parameters like exposure and sensitivity to make sure that all of the settings are according to the user’s preferences.

The APEMAN action camera comes with a customized protective case that is completely waterproof. The case does not only offer protection to the camera, but it also makes the gadget easier to handle and carry around. The waterproof feature is reliable up to 30 meters deep in the water which makes the action camera qualified for underwater photography and even with scuba diving as long as you do not swim deeper than the 30-meter limit. The protective case does not only add bulk to the camera, but it seems like the case is part of the camera at all.

Aside from the action camera’s functionality, there are also features of it that are often overlooked such as its compatibility with the tripod and other accessories that can be used alongside the camera to improve the user experience. The camera can safely be mounted on top of standard tripods as it will give a stable platform for photography or shooting videos without worrying of the camera’s handles. The camera is also compatible with a bicycle holder that you can just mount it on the cross-girder or the handle. The APEMAN action camera is also compatible with helmets so that you can just mount it on your headgear without worrying of the video capture. These features make the APEMAN action camera perfect for motvlogging as well.

When purchasing the camera, you do not only get the technological gadget for it since there are lots of accessories that are considered as part of the package. All of these accessories can be used alongside the camera to enhance your photography or videography skills further. These accessories will also make the photo shoot more convenient to make sure the desired results are achieved when using the APEMAN action camera. However, you also fee to purchase separate add-ons to your action camera if you are not contented with the accessories that are freebies of the package.

Going back to its specifications, this action camera has a 170-degree wide angle lens that can cover more than usual for the frame. The 1.5” LCD screen also makes it more convenient for users to adjust settings or even review captures and videos just by clicking on the screen. Another special mode that the camera has to offer is the loop recording mode that can further elevate your skills and give a different perspective out of your creativity in recording videos. The camera comes with a 32GB SD micro SD card which is decent enough to store all of the images and videos that you will shoot through the camera. The HDMI output also makes it easy to connect the camera on to other devices and quickly transfer files from the camera on to a mobile device or the computer.This action camera is packed with features and bonuses.

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The Verdict

There are a lot more action cameras that are proven to be better than the APEMAN action camera, but the main catch in here is that this camera only costs $40 up to $60 depending on where you purchase the unit. For a cheap vlogging camera that In your budget.

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