Best Motovlogging Setup: Best Cheap Motovlog Mic, Camera, Mounts Reviews And Female Motovloggers

Motovlogging has become a popular hobby for video enthusiasts out there. It combines the excitement of riding a motorcycle or bicycle with regular vlogging, and it brings out a different perspective to the act. If you are one of the who is interested in starting a motovlog, then your primary concern has to be the motovlogging setup with quality motovlog camera. that you are going to use. When it comes to vlogging equipment, you would not want to settle for something generic because you might as well make the most out of the budget that you have set for your setup.

Best Motovlogging Setup

A motovlogging setup is a bit more complicated compared to a regular vlogging configuration. Keep in mind that there are additional features that have to be considered in the camera that you will use since the shoot is on the move. The camera must be capable of shooting even while shaken and with moving subjects. Aside from the camera, there are other products needed in motovlogging as well. Here is a simple guide on the best motovlogging setup available for you.

How To Start Mmotovlogging

There is not written the law on how to start a motovlog. As long as you have the right equipment and as well as a video channel or website to upload your videos then you are ready to go. However, you still have to come up with an original concept for your motovlog and not just shoot random videos while riding on your motorcycle or bike. A concept is fundamental because this is what will set you apart from fellow motovloggers and help make it easier for viewers to notice your motovlog.

Female Motovloggers

Female Motovloggers

Female Motovloggers

Motovlogging can somehow be considered as an extreme form of photography due to the risks involved in it. However, this does not mean that this art is only limited to men because there are a lot of notable female motovloggers out there. TankGrrrl, Kitty MotoVlogs , Kitty MotoVlogs etc. and a lot more are all female motovloggers who have made their mark in the world of vlogging. These women in their right are not only famous for their motovlogs but have also become social media celebrities as well due to the number of followers that they have.

Motovlogging Setup

The initial motovlogging setup consists of three different parts: the camera, microphone and the mount that will hold the camera in place while attached to your helmet, bike, motorcycle or pads. The most crucial component where you have to put the major focus on the setup has to be the camera.

Cheap Motovlog Camera

The camera that you will use is very instrumental for your vlog. The quality of your videos will rely on this device, and so do the overall quality of the vlog itself. If you shoot poor quality videos, then that will right away reflect on to your vlog since that is what your platform is all about, this is why it is a must for you to secure a camera that is capable of high-quality video and excellent image quality. Here are several factors that you need to consider for your motovlog camera.

i. Mic Connector – For better audio quality, you cannot rely on the built-in microphone that your motovlog camera has but instead use an external microphone for picking up the sound. You need to make sure that your camera is capable of connecting to an external microphone & at the same time check that the location of the external mic is stable while you are shooting videos.

ii. Easy To Mount – This feature has to be tightly considered since the quality of your videos also rely on how the camera is mounted on your helmet, motorcycle or the bike. The camera has to be easy to mount so that you will not have troubles in using it for your motovlog.

iii. Field Of View – Lastly, you have to consider the camera’s Field of View (FOV). An ideal FOV should be wide enough to record the peripheral views on both sides and not only capture what is right in front of the camera. This way, you give the audience a better idea of what is going on in the scene and not just focus on the subject or trail.

Best Motovlog Camera

When picking a motovlog camera, you would not want to settle for a generic choice just because it is what you can afford and is available as of the moment. It is important to eye for top quality and looks forward to purchasing a motovlog camera that is capable of high performance and great quality videos. Here are some of the best motovlog cameras that you can choose from out there.

Drift HD Ghost-S Digital  Camera

Drift HD Ghost-S Digital  Camera

Drift HD Ghost-S Digital  Camera

The Drift Ghost-S Action camcorder is capable of Full HD videos at 1080p & 60 fps and can capture crystal clear images at 12 MP. You can take advantage of both features to incorporate onto your motovlog. It has an integrated 2” LCD manufactured with Corning Gorilla Glass which is known for its extended durability that will further add handling prowess.

The Ghost-S follows the Drift 2-way principle which is a simple yet efficient method using only two buttons to start/stop video recording and control multiple cameras at the same through the “One-to-All” mode available. You can quickly switch between camera modes, and it is easy to identify which mode you are in due to the color coding as presented by the remote control’s LCD indicator.

Camera Highlights

  • Video Capture 1080p at 60fps
  • Zoom 12MP Photos
  • Include Wi-Fi Enabled And Drift App
  • 300 Degree Rotatable Lens

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GoPro HERO4 Silver

#1 Best Seller On Amazon

GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro HERO4 Silver

It is easy to capture the world with the GoPro HERO4 Silver as it is the first of this product line to come with a built-in LCD touch display that allows you to control the camera precisely and be able to frame shots accurately. Playing back footage and images shot with your camera has also been made easier due to the LCD touch display.

The HERO4 Silver records videos at 1080p and an optional 720p for a lower resolution including the capacity to shoot 12MP photos at 30 fps. You can also get to trim videos and create highlight clips to make it more convenient for you to share with others. You can mark them with the HiLight Tag as a way to bookmark them and easily remember them after some time.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Specs

    • Professional 1080p HD Frames 60 And 720p HD with 120 frames Capture video.


    • Zoom 12 Megapixels up to 30 frames


    • Smart remote control


  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support

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GoPro HERO4 Black



GoPro HERO4 Black is much like the HERO4 Silver minus the LCD but it has more power and better features compared to the latter. The GoPro HERO4 Black produces the best image quality possible in the GoPro product line with its 4k video capabilities. You can also opt for 2.7k60 or 1080p and 720p video resolutions as well.

The processor is evidently more powerful as it is twice faster compared to its predecessor and you can view slow motion captures at 240 fps which are very impressive for an outdoor camera. There are various settings and modes available in this high-performance camera such as manual controls for color, exposure, ISO limit, etc. This product is also waterproof up to 130 feet when submerged in water.

HERO5 Black

The GoPro HERO5 Black is arguably the most powerful and most user-friendly video camera in GoPro’s long line of products. The latest one is equipped with 4k video recording, voice control features and a one-button function that makes it very convenient not just for regular users but motovloggers as well. The LCD touch display also follows an easy to understand interface which makes it usable for all ages.

This video camera is waterproof up to 40 meters and is completely shockproof so that you can just mount it on top of your head while shooting videos without worrying about its condition. The HERO5 Black also automatically uploads footage that you have shot on to the GoPro Plus cloud account for convenience and easy access.

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Mount For Your Helmet Or Motorcycle

There are a lot of different positions on how you can mount your camera to get the desired view or to find the right angles for your videos. You can choose to mount the camera on top of your helmet to achieve POV, or you can just locate it on top of your bike or motorcycle so that it will automatically capture the direction where the vehicle is headed. There are a lot more positions that you can avail of, and it is up to you to be creative enough on how to mount your camera. The top priority for the mount has to be its stability and that it can stay firm to its mount despite all the bumps and speed being on the road. Choosing for a mount all depends on your video preferences including the outcome of your videos. Just make sure you pick a mount suitable for your preferences.

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

GoPro MotorCycle Helmet Chin Mount

GoPro MotorCycle Helmet Chin Mount

The Full Face Helmet with Chin Mount designed for GoPro is the perfect mount to use if you want your videos in POV style. After being mounted on the chin, the video capture will surely follow every direction that you are looking. The chin mount is also a safe mount choice because you are assured that the frame you are capturing is right in front of your eyes.

This full face helmet is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, molded plastic, unicell foam and nylon weaving. All of these top quality materials work altogether to make sure that the helmet is durable and reliable for safety and support in case accidents do happen. This model is also compatible with any GoPro camera.

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GoPro Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro MotorCycle Helmet Side Mount

GoPro MotorCycle Helmet Side Mount

The side mount is the ideal way to mount your cameras according to GoPro that is why the GoPro Side Mount is one of their most after sought products. It is convenient to use and easy to attach on the side of your helmet, vehicle or gear. This mount also comes with 3-way adjustability for better handles and control over the camera.

This mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras that you would no longer need special jacks to fit GoPro cameras onto it. It also features a slick design that is not invasive but still looks evident while attached to a mount. The product also comes with a quick release buckle along with a 3-way pivot arm as part of the package.


GoPro Chest Mount Harness

GoPro Chest Mount Review

GoPro Chest Mount Review

The GoPro Chest Mount Harness provides a different perspective to your motovlog videos. The chest mount is ideal for extreme sports such as cycling, motocross, skiing and even skateboarding. You would not worry about it getting on your way unlike side mounts wherein they come as an additional accessory. This chest mount harness is adjustable to fit different body types and adult sizes.

The view with a chest mount allows viewers to engage with the videos as if they are the ones behind the wheel, particularly in motovlogs. You can also use additional cameras to shoot with your arms since the camera strapped to the chest mount harness would not interfere with your other activities. This product is compatible with all GoProp video cameras.

GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount Review

GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount Review

The GoPro (Action Camera) Handlebar Seatpost Mount is perfect for motovloggers who ride on motorcycles and bicycles since these are the only vehicles that come with seat posts and handlebars. This mount can fit on to diameter tubes with measurements of 0.75” up to 1.4” and can fit on to smaller diameter tubes from 0.43” up to 0.7” with the included adapter.

Depending on your creativity and imagination, the GoPro handlebar seat post mount is not only limited to be mounted on handlebars and seat posts. You can take advantage of clamps to make it a mount attached to other unconventional areas. This product also has a 3-way pivot arm that helps the cameraman quickly aim at subjects when used as a handheld camera.

GoPro The Frame

GoPro The Frame Review

GoPro The Frame Review

The Frame is the simplest way to mount your GoPro camera because this is the smallest and lightest mount that is compatible with GoPro cameras available out there. It is very compact and at the same time gives your video camera a low-profile mount wherein the mount could even get unnoticed due to its small size.

The Frame follows a minimalistic open design so that the video camera or external microphones can quickly pick up audio signals without the mount obstructing sound waves. Plus, it allows access to all the necessary ports of the video camera installed on it such as the microSD, micro HDMI, and USB ports so that you will not have to unmount the camera just to access these ports.

Best Motovlog Microphone

As mentioned above, you cannot rely on built-in microphones within your video camera for audio recording purposes. Built-in mics are just add-on features to the camera, but it is not the top priority of the product that is why we often have generic built-in microphones on video cameras. You need to invest in a motovlog microphone that is entirely external for audio recording purposes. This way, you are assured that your sound quality is on par with your video quality.

There is a quality that you would like to consider with your motovlog microphone aside from the sound quality that it can provide. It has to have the noise-canceling ability so that unwanted noise coming from the background gets filtered and only the desired sounds are picked up by the mic. You have two choices for an external motovlog mic: wireless or corded. Depending on your choice, you can pick either of the options, and it would not matter much regarding audio quality.

Full Face Moto Motorcycle Helmet Earpiece Headset Mic

Full Face Moto Motorcycle Helmet Earpiece Headset Mic

Full Face Moto Motorcycle Helmet Earpiece Headset Mic

The Full Face Moto microphone earpiece headset is designed for motorcycle and bike helmets so that riders can speak to the microphone even while driving their vehicles. This headset microphone is equipped with noise-canceling features to help eliminate unwanted noise coming from the background and only focus on the sounds that the videographer wants to pick up.

The Full Face Moto microphone earpiece headset has dual speakers that can easily be attached to the helmet regardless of surface material. The PTT button control with Velcro can also be adjusted to make sure that it fits right on the handlebar which makes the entire package more handy and easy to use. This microphone earpiece headset is perfect for motovloggers these days.

AceList High Definition Professional Microphone

AceList High Definition Professional Microphone

AceList High Definition Professional Microphone

The AceList clip-on mini microphone records top quality sound and is patterned after GoPro cameras. It is compatible with GoPro cameras that you will no longer need additional jacks to make it fit onto the external mic output. This mini microphone provides high performance which is surprising considering it is just very tiny. It is an excellent price per value product.
The AceList clip-on mini microphone is your perfect solution if you are planning to record hands-free audio. You can easily attach it to your vehicle, clothes or gear via the lapel clip. It also has foam windscreen to help eliminate wind noise and further insulate the microphone. This product is a go-to audio solution for vloggers out there.

Movo GM100 Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Movo GM100 Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Movo GM100 Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Looking for a perfect video footage mic that can provide clear and natural voice/sound reproduction? The Movo GM100 clip-on condenser microphone is the perfect product for you. The quality of this microphone is professional grade and is very effective in picking up audio via the omnidirectional pattern that the mic follows. This mic is arguably one of the best performance-per-value ratios among condenser mics out there.

The unit is compact yet at the same time lightweight which says of its portability and as well as the comfort it can provide to its users. This mic is a big upgrade compared to the performance of built-in mics on any video cameras. Perfect for vlogging, podcasts, interviews and audio recording. You are assured that you will never have muffled sound with the Movo GM100 clip-on condenser microphone.

Drift HD Ghost-S External Mic

Drift Stealth 2 External mic

Drift Stealth 2 External Mic

Drift HD Ghost-S External Mic is the perfect supplement to the Drift Ghost-S Action Camera to boost the audio quality of your footage. It has the capability to improve on sound quality and is focused on picking up targeted audio for impressive sound results. You do not need particular jacks as long as your camera is also from Drift then it is automatically compatible.

This plug-and-play external microphone is capable of eliminating wind noise and other unwanted sounds coming from your background. It is ideal for vlogging purposes as you can do commentaries while shooting with your camera mounted on top of your head and expected your voice to sound so clear as if you are talking directly to the camera itself.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Motovlog Equipment

Choosing the best motovlog equipment 2017 for your video channel should not be rushed since it requires time and proper shopping methods to find out the best materials perfect for your needs and preferences. If you tend to rush things, then you may end up buying products that may not be the right one for you as a result of poor research. You would not want to spend for equipment and products that you may not use after all. There are things that you would have to consider and here are three of them to help guide you choose the best motovlog equipment. These factors will quickly help trim down your choices since there are already many products to choose from out there.


Set a particular budget that you are willing to spend for your motovlog equipment. Be rational and at the same time practical in setting this budget. However, you do not have to set a very high budget that your bank account does not allow. Stick to your budget and just think of having an upgrade later on.


Motovlog equipment consists of products that are designed for long-term use. You would not want to purchase cameras now and then since that would be very expensive. These items are worth an investment that is why you have to make sure that they are durable and could last for a long time even after constant usage.


This factor can be arguable to other enthusiasts, but choosing products based on brand is a safe method. Most of these kinds have been around for a long time in the industry that they are reputable for their excellence and quality. It would not be smart to purchase equipment with obscure brands wherein you will have issues with warranty later on.

Final Words

Getting the best motovlogging setup is not an easy task. There is much research along with money that you have to do and spend to have your setup ready. Then again, you just have to be patient and not rush things to purchase right away the products that will consist of your setup. Ask around experienced motovloggers to gather insights and information that will help your cause. You can also join vlogging forums to learn more about certain products that may be off your radar. Always be open for options and do not be biased towards certain models and brands. Good luck in finding the best products that will make up your motovlog setup.

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