Campark 4k Camera Review: 4K 16MP Waterproof Ultra HD Sports Camera

If you are looking for a massive duty action camera, then you might want to check out the Campark ACT76 Wi-Fi sports camera. Campark camera is packed with all the standard features that you need out of an action camera for the best vlogging. Although there aren’t any features that are mind-blowing, it is decent enough to buy because of its fair price. The Campark ACT76 action camera is the perfect outdoor sports camera to own In 2017. It is capable of recording videos of up to 4K resolution and capture images at 16MP. To get to know this camera model better, here is a brief overview of what the Campark ACT76 action cam Wi-Fi sports camera has to offer.

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The Campark ACT76 is a perfect sports action camera most especially if you are planning to shoot footages of extreme outdoor sports such as skydiving, snowboarding, motocross, off-road racing and a lot more. These activities contain action-heavy sequences, and you would not want to miss out on them that is why the Campark ACT76 action camera is capable of capturing even the most rigid and fast-moving footages. It comes with lots of accessories, but the most important thing is that you can easily mount it on top of anything to conveniently shoot videos hands-free.

Campark 4k Camera Review

You can always rely on the Campark ACT76 to capture your life’s most significant moments for you. With photos resolution of 2M, 5M, 8M, 12M up to 16M, you have different options to choose for the photo resolution that you want for your images. It is also the same for video resolutions because there is a lot to choose from such as 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/ 60fps, 1080P/ 30fps, 720P/90fps, 720P/60fps, and 720P/30fps. The variety of options allows you to be more flexible with your photography and videography skills. You can also play around with concepts and not worry about disk space because you can always opt for lower resolutions to have smaller file sizes.

Another excellent specification of the Campark ACT76 is its remote control feature. It has a 15m transmission range and can even be operated if submerged up to 3 meters under the water. The remote control feature makes it more convenient for users to control the camera in real time without the need of having the camera on their hands. This feature also allows you to review images and videos through mobile devices by connecting to the camera via Wi-Fi and control it through the remote control. The Wi-Fi connectivity itself makes it easier for users to upload captured images and videos to the internet right away without the need to get home to connect to their home connection.

The Campark ACT76 boasts of its 4K video recording capability. 4K video is the highest form of video resolution available today that is only available to high-end cameras. It would be biased to say that the Campark ACT76 is a high-end camera, but it belongs way up there in the more upper echelon due to the massive features and capabilities that this camera has to offer. Of course, the cons that come with the camera should enter the picture that is why it is not safe to say that this is one of the best ones available out there. However, it is definitely worth the price that in its tag.

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This camera is also capable of different video recording modes such as the Slow Motion, Time Lapse, and Loop Recording. All of these methods can be used respectively to enhance your user experience and further take your creativity levels to different heights. The slow-motion mode is useful to highlight scenes that you want to emphasize on or that will allow the audience to see the video slowly and clearly. The time-lapse mode works much like the slow-motion mode except that it speeds up the frame instead of slowing it down. Both modes serve the same purpose which is to highlight scenes or put them into the spotlight. Last but not the least, the loop recording mode allows you to shoot footage and play it in a loop depending on the settings that you have set for the mode. All of these modes are at their best in the Campark ACT76.

The Verdict

The Campark ACT76 is a relatively new product in the crowded world of action cameras. Even though this product does not stand out much like it other counterparts, it serves its purpose well, and the product specifications and features that it can offer can already be considered as overwhelming given its In low budget. The most prominent catch for the Campark ACT76 is its 4K video recording capability as it can shoot videos as if you are watching them directly from your local TV channels. If you are looking to for a cheap vlogging camera that is capable of 4K video recording and more, then the Campark ACT76 should be perfect for you.

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