Can I Start Vlogging as a Professional? Feature of Vlogging

Considering professional vlogging as an occupation is already an option due to the major opportunities being presented by this hobby. A lot of successful vloggers have been raking in money simply out of the views that they get from their videos. Vlogging also cannot be considered as monotonous wherein there is only a single method of how to make money out of it. Of course, views would be a big factor, but you can always play around the concept to make things more interesting and be able to set yourself apart from traditional vloggers. Here is a simple guide on how to start vlogging as a professional.

Can I Start Vlogging as a Professional?

Can I Start Vlogging as a Professional?

The Feature of Vlogging

Before you even start vlogging and uploading videos on Youtube, you should first establish a primary reason on why you are vlogging. Obviously, making money is part of it, but there has to be a significant reason for why you are doing this. That same reason will have a lasting impact on what you are going to do later on. In becoming a professional vlogger, you need to devote time on your vlog, and the videos that you are going to upload should be on a consistent basis. You can choose to upload videos weekly or bi-monthly depending on your availability and work progress. Once you are set on the planning stage, then let us move on to the next phase.

Even though there are no rules to what kind of videos that you are going to shoot (except for discretion on nudity, sex, violence, etc.), you have to be particular with your industry or niche. This way, you can build a character and categorize yourself in the already-dense world of vlogging. Without a particular industry or niche, you would find yourself all over the video channels, yet you find it hard to have a target audience. It will be challenging for you to build a following because the public would not know what to expect from you on your next videos, this is why picking a niche or industry that you would like to be in is necessary for the next step.

With your plans established along with your industry/niche, you now have to focus on building your target audience and eventually create a following. For example, if you are going to upload gaming videos or game walkthroughs then you should expect to have gamers as your audience. However, this is easier said than done. There will be much brainstorming involved for you to capture your target audience. It does not take a single video to build a following; it is usually the collective effort of regularly uploading on to your channel. The more videos you upload would mean better chances of making a video viral.

Whatever your plans for your vlog could be, always keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. It requires effort, hard work and a bit of luck to succeed in the vlogging platform. It will also require you to interact with other vloggers to get yourself recognized. Once you follow them, then you can also expect them to subscribe to your channel in return. This give-and-take relationship is an effective way of advertising yourself towards others without trying to be an ad itself. Do not consider your colleagues and fellow vloggers as a competition but instead treat them as helping hands that can assist you in your vlogging efforts. Feel free to ask advice from them regarding your vlog and take any comments constructively so that you can build on them to improve your vlog. This positive approach will be essential towards your success.

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Examples of Successful Vloggers


Mohamed Beiraghdary, the man behind MoVlogs, is only 21 years old but is already earning much money out of his vlog. MoVlog started out with a gaming channel known as HitspecKO before moving on towards traditional vlogging via MoVlogs where he enjoyed better success. His videos focus on expensive items such as fancy sports cars and the likes from his country in Dubai, UAE. The vlog focuses on his luxurious lifestyle but at the same time being human and humble which attracts viewers. He currently has 3 million subscribers on Youtube with a combined 20 million views for all of his videos.

Mo Vlogs YouTube Earnings


Roman Atwood is primarily a prankster and comedian, but then he later incorporated both acts into his vlog site. RomanAtwoodVlogs is currently ranked as the 50th most subscribed channel on all of Youtube while his pranks-exclusive channel RomanAtwood is included in the top 100 list among most subscribed channels on Youtube. These numbers go to show how successful Roman Atwood has been as a Youtube personality. His pranks initially catapulted his way to fame, but fans could not get enough of him that is why they still subscribed to his channel even when he transformed his persona into a vlogger aside from just being a prankster. Some of his most famous pranks are “Anniversary Prank,” “Plastic Ball Prank” and “Killing my Kid Prank.”

Romanatwoodvlogs Net Worth


Among gaming vloggers, the most popular have to be PewDiePie or personally known as Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish comedian, and video producer. He is notable for doing in-game commentaries on popular games that he plays or gets to play. Due to his influence, he is even hired by game developers and companies to review games through his vlog as a part of their marketing campaign. PewDiePie refers to his followers or fan base as Bro Army which is his 56 million subscribers and growing. His videos also have a total of more than 15.6 billion views that he was named as the most subscribed channel on all of Youtube back in 2013 before Youtube Spotlight toppled him from the position 46 days later.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat alongside with his brother Van is not just a vlogger but is more of a filmmaker who has chosen Youtube as his video platform. Casey first gained notoriety after releasing his short film iPod’s Dirty Secret back in 2003. The 3-minute film received the media attention that it even reached the ears of Apple company wherein the company modified its policy towards battery replacements in response to the short film. Casey is also noted for using drone technology to record his videos which are ground breaking in all of Youtube. Casey Neistat’s Youtube success has further helped him found the multimedia company known as Beme which he co-owned alongside Matt Hackett before being acquired by media and news mogul CNN.

Casey Neistat Earnings

In Conclusion

The following vloggers mentioned above are four of the most successful vloggers from around the world. If you intend to become a vlogger, then it should be automatic for you to look up to these people and pattern your career after them. However, you do not have to be a copycat. You just have to pick up points and tips from them and apply it on to whatever it is that you will make for your vlog. Besides, having an original concept that is fresh and new is a must to reap success as a vlogger these days.

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