Cannon vlogging camera with flip screen – Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit Review

Best Cannon vlogging camera with flip screen – Canon EOS 80D

cannon vlogging camera with flip screen

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Vlogging has become a very popular hobby today. Some even do it for a living. Vlogging can be a great hobby to pick up, but you need 300-701 pdf to make sure you are not camera-shay. After all, it will be your face plastered in the videos. If you do it well, you can even earn a lot of money and travel all around the world at the same time. Don’t you think that’s a lot of fun? Before you start vlogging though, you need to have a great camera at your disposal. That’s the most important part. A vlog won’t be very successful if it doesn’t have high quality videos in it. That’s why having a great camera is a prerequisite for vlogging. So if you must buy a camera, we recommend buying the Canon EOS 80D. This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen is ideal for anyone who wants to start a vlog. Why? Read on to find out.

Main Characteristics

This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen has a 45-point all cross-type AF system that allows for superb autofocus when shooting with the optical viewfinder and focusing area selection modes. It also has an intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100 percent viewfinder coverage. What’s great about this Canon vlogging camera with flip screen is that it has a 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor that helps provide impressive and high-resolution results. So for a vlogger, you are guaranteed excellent quality videos all the time. Plus, the EOS 80D has improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF that helps you shoot videos with smooth, fast and accurate autofocus. This will also allow you to capture stills with instant and precise autofocus.

Although the Canon EOS 80D is an enthusiast-level DSLR, it does have a new 45-point hybrid AF system with all 300-710 pdf of the points being cross-type. This is an improvement up from the 19-point AF system in the 70D. Compared to the 65-point coverage offered by the more professionally-oriented 7D Mark II, it falls short, but not by a lot. This Canon vlogging camera features a body sealed against dust and moisture. It has a polycarbonate exterior and magnesium alloy chassis, which makes it more durable. At first look, you can easily mistake it for its predecessor, the 70D. The majority of the controls is accessible via the articulating rear touchscreen, as well as thru the physical control points. The reason why the EOS 80D is ideal for vloggers is because it offers 1080/60p capture and continuous autofocus during video. Plus, there is a headphone socket added to compliment its microphone port.

This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen has phase-detect pixels spread across the entire frame, which will offer superior performance. This camera is great for photographers who like to track moving subjects because it has the option to select AI Servo in live view mode. Canon also added an extra control of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensitivity from the custom function menu which will allow the user to adapt the focus to the shooting situation and create slow, natural or fast-focusing transitions.

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Pros and Cons


  • 24Mp sensor will resolve details well
  • Very fast and effective AF system
  • Excellent screen
  • Well built
  • Ergonomic


  • Uses APS-C format rather than full-frame
  • Complex AF system requires time to master
  • Quick Menu is not customizable
  • Extensive features that might take some time to master for a novice

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Canon really did a number on this camera. They gave it touch-control over both the main and Quick Menus and which can really speed up use. You can also easily scroll through images and setting AF point or tripping the shutter in Live View mode. What makes the Quick Menu is very useful is that it provides a quicker route to some of the most commonly used features. The downside is, it is not 300-715 pdf customizable like the 1DX Mark II where you can edit the quick menu to contain features that you use on a regular basis. In our opinion, this Canon vlogging camera with flip screen would have been even better if there were two customizable Quick Menus, one for videos and one for stills. That would make it the complete package. Users of the Canon EOS 80D also say that the touch-control works very well. The menu items can be easily selected by a tap. They can also easily choose options chosen either by a second tap or by using the navigation keys, the mini-joystick or a control dial. The beauty is, you can use which one you prefer.

This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen has a 3-inch 1,040,000-dot Clear View II screen on the back just like the one on the 70D. The difference is, it provides a more detailed and crisp view. The guys at Canon designed it that when the target area is magnified on-screen in Live View mode, it makes focusing manually a lot easier than when using the viewfinder. It also has a vari-angle that makes the screen very useful when shooting from awkward angles in either landscape or portrait orientation. This feature saves you from crawling around on the ground to get a worm’s eye view (you don’t know how many times we’ve wished that other cameras had that feature). During these times, the ability to set AF point and trip the shutter with a tap on the screen really comes into its own.

One thing to note with the screen though is, in bright sunlight, you will need to turn the screen’s brightness up to the maximum setting to get a clear view. You can make a shortcut out of it though by assigning the LCD Brightness control to one of the six customizable My Menu screens so you can easily access it when needed.  Compared to much more expensive cameras, the 80D’s screen isn’t as good though. So for a more natural option, using the viewfinder is still the best choice for most photographers to use when shooting stills, especially if the subject is moving. The 80D provides a nicer and brighter view compared to the 70D’s viewfinder that only covers 98% of the lens field of view. The 80D covers 100%. So when you review your shots, you will see fewer surprises around the edge of the frame.

Special Features

This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen comes packed with special features. As mentioned above, the EOS 80D has a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel AF, 45-point AF system with all cross-type points and a 3-inch 1.04M-dot articulating touchscreen. It is also capable of 1080/60p video captures, 7 fps continuous shooting with AF and has a weather-resistant body. Plus, it has a 7560-pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor and Wi-Fi capable too.

It has some other improvements that come in the form of a new mirror vibration control system which is similar to the 5DS and 7D Mark II. This will help reduce the blur-inducing effects of shutter shock. This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen also has the same 7560 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor found in the Rebel T6s and T6i, which is a serious improvement over the 63-zone dual layer sensor found in the 70D. What this new sensor does is it gives the camera some degree of human subject awareness for subject tracking through the viewfinder. The only problem is, it does not have Canon’s ‘Intelligent Tracking and Recognition’ (iTR) system, which uses the metering sensor along with distance info to subject track.

Speaking of the new sensor, it’s no secret that some Canon shooters have been frustrated as of late because Sony’s sensor technology marches ahead in terms of dynamic range. But with the 80D, the sensor takes a significant step forward in Canon’s sensor development. That’s because it offers much better DR than the 70D or 7D Mark II. But what makes this new sensor interesting is because of the pictures it can capture. The Dual Pixel AF not only allows for continuous focus during video capture (which is a boon for travek vloggers because they move a lot), it also does so during still capture  and in live view mode as well. This feature first appeared in the Rebel T6s and it is great to see it now making its way up Canon’s food chain to enthusiast-level cameras.

Let’s examine that Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. This system supports sensor-based, phase-detection auto focusing that works by splitting all the effective pixels on the surface of the sensor into two individual photodiodes, one for left and one for right. Each of these photodiodes will then be read separately, thus allowing faster phase-detection autofocus while simultaneously being used for image capture. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system benefits both photographers and videographers (especially vloggers) who like to compose and shoot quickly without having to endure a slow and clumsy autofocus performance. This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen boasts of a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that now supports Servo AF when shooting still images in live view. What does that mean? Well, this feature allows the user to select focus on a subject and then track it through the frame all the while the shutter button is half depressed. This is particularly useful for moving subjects.


The Canon EOS 80D has a limited warranty that only covers the camera and not its accessories. This limited warranty covers all defects encountered in normal use of this Canon vlogging camera with flip screen and does not apply in the following cases:

  • Loss of or damage to the Product due to abuse, mishandling, improper packaging by you, alteration, accident, electrical current fluctuations, failure to follow operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed in Canon U.S.A.’s or Canon Canada’s user’s manual or services performed by someone other than Canon U.S.A. or Canon Canada, or a Canon authorized service provider for the Product. Without limiting the foregoing, water damage, sand/corrosion damage, battery leakage, dropping the Product, scratches, abrasions or damage to the body, lenses or LCD display or damage to the any of the accessories mentioned in the first paragraph above will be presumed to have resulted from misuse, abuse or failure to operate the Product as set forth in the operating instructions
  • Use of parts or supplies (other than those sold by Canon U.S.A. or Canon Canada) that cause damage to the Product or cause abnormally frequent service calls or service problems
  • If the Product has had its serial number or dating altered or removed.


Vloggers should want a camera that will works for them and let them access the most important features quickly and adjust settings effortlessly. This Canon vlogging camera with flip screen will provide a quick route to the most commonly used features. It also allows a good degree of customization. The touchscreen is also superbly implemented which makes using the camera more intuitive. Since the screen is on a vari-angle hinge, it can be articulated to give clear view whatever the shooting position is. This makes it a whole lot easier to take great videos from more creative angles. The flaw to the advanced autofocus system is that it’s complex and mastering it takes some input from the user. The only problem with the 80D is that the advanced AF options are more hidden in the Autofocus section of the Custom Function menu. Enthusiast photographers who want to take pictures in the same situations as professional photographers, will have to pay more for the latter’s large aperture telephoto lenses. Fortunately, for vloggers, this isn’t a very important aspect. What is more important is it is able to shoot great quality videos with great quality audio (using a microphone).

Overall, it’s larger than the average compact system camera and its viewfinder can’t preview images as they will be captured. But that doesn’t negate the fact that the Canon 80D is an excellent choice for enthusiast photographers and vloggers. Its high quality sensor is able to capture a good level of detail while keeping noise under control. Its main autofocus system is super-quick and is also a very capable video camera with a variable speed AF system that can be tuned to suit the subject. Just what a vlogger needs.

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