Canon Powershot G7X Mark II: Good for YouTube Vlogging?

Vlogging has become a popular hobby for video enthusiasts because it combines the fun of capturing videos and at the same time reach out to the potential audience by putting a personal touch to the project and not just present videos as it is. In response to this, many people have been looking for the camera that is perfect for vlogging. Since there are many camera models out there, this makes it confusing for them to pick a best vlogging camera. Fortunately, the word is out that the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II is one of the best for vlogging purposes out there.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Good for YouTube Vlogging

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Good for YouTube Vlogging?

Optical Sensor Resolution: 20MP,Video Capture Quality:  1080p Full HD video in MP4 format with stereo sound. Optical Sensor Technology: CMOS, Optical Zoom: 4.2x, Battery Type: Lithium Ion, Display Size: 3 Inches, Item Dimensions: 4.15×2.4×1.65 Inches, Lithium Battery Energy: 3.5 Watt Hours,

Is the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Right for a Vlogging Camera?

The main factors that you should look for in a vlogging camera are its size & weight, capabilities and battery life. All of the following will play a crucial factor as you shoot different videos for your vlog later on. First off, the size & weight. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II is a compact camera and is lightweight compared to other digital cameras out there. This factor makes it easier to bring around, and you would not have to worry about shooting yourself alone since the camera is completely light and you can manage to do it without needing some help.

This camera is capable of capturing top quality videos and images. It can also work correctly even in environments with poor lighting conditions making sure that the videos and pictures still come out fine even with the outdoor constraints. This feature is essential in vlogging particularly if you are trying to shoot outdoors. Last but not the least, the camera should have a decent battery life because it will be very inconvenient if you have to switch batteries now and then. Recording videos for vlogs cannot be possible just by a single take. It is important that the camera do have long battery life and this is possible through the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II. With those important factors covered, it is safe to say that this camera model is just right for vlogging.


What’s New in G7X Mark II Model?

Canon G7X Mark II features a 4.2x zoom lens that is now much improved with better clarity and quality when zooming on a subject. This feature is beneficial in vlogging so that the vlogger will no longer have to move closer to capture a subject. He or she can just stand his ground and let the zoom feature magnify the subject that the vlogger is going to capture even at far. Even though it is still equipped with the same 24-100mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens, the expected results out of this camera would still have to be mixed due to the incorporation of other technology that cannot be found on old Canon camera models.

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The Canon G7X Mark II 2017 is the first Canon PowerShot camera to be equipped with the “Fine Detail” style preset. This feature is only present among Canon DSLRs before, but now it can already be experienced with a handy digital camera. This preset allows the user to control the sharpness, intensity, and crispness of images/videos and even have access to threshold parameters. As a result, pictures and videos would appear natural and different aspects of the scene are further sharpened that is impossible with the default settings. The user-friendly touchscreen interface is also a bonus for vloggers so that they can easily manipulate and control settings even while on the shoot without the need for other devices.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark II Battery Life

  • Still Picture: 265 shots
  • Video 1080p: One hour
  • Video 720p: One hour +

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The Ending

The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II should not be the best vlogging camera out there, but this camera model fits the bill for vlogging purposes. Most especially if you are still a beginner when it comes to vlogging, the PowerShot G7X Mark II is excellent for a starter camera. It is very user-friendly that you would not find it difficult to get used to this camera and at the same time expect top quality results from it. You will look for something better later on, but the G7X Mark II may remain as your backup camera given its decent features and specifications. For now, the G7X Mark II may be perfect for your needs just to jumpstart that vlog of yours.

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All of the features and specifications found in this camera can justify why the G7x Mark II should be labeled as a youtube vlogging camera. Its compact size and lightweight allow vloggers to carry the camera around be it inside their pockets or a small pouch so they can just quickly grab it once the need for it arises. The video quality is also top notch even for a small camera, and it is perfect to use whether you are in a well-lit environment or an indoor setting. The price may not be that low considering it is manufactured by a highly reputable brand such as Canon, but it is fair to say that you are going to enjoy best vlogging camera with the Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II.

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Mark - October 27, 2017

Thanks for the review,
I have purchased a Canon G7X Mark II second hand and I am already blown away by the results!
I did a night shot I walked outside at 1am only being lit up by street lights and the picture quality still blew me away!
Cheers Mark.


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