DBPOWER 4k Action Camera Review: An Exclusive Overview

There has been much buzz on the all-new DBPOWER EX5000 action camera on the market today. This camera boasts many features that high-end cameras do possess at a relatively lower price which is no wonder why many consumers have been raving about it. The DBPOWER EX5000 action camera is capable of shooting 1080p HD videos and 14MP pictures. These specifications may not jump out of the window, but you will surely be impressed with this product once we get to know more of its capabilities in this article. Let us get to know better the power of the DBPOWER EX5000 action camera.

DBPOWER 4k Action Camera Review

DBPOWER 4k Action Camera Review

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DBPOWER EX5000 vs. GoPro

The GoPro is arguably the leading action camera in the market today. However, the DBPOWER EX5000 may not be better than the GoPro, but it does not fall far behind as well. The GoPro is capable of producing videos with 4K video quality, and the DBPOWER EX5000 cannot match that. When it comes down to the 1080p video resolution which is the maximum capability of the DBPOWER EX5000, it is clear to the see that this action camera is way up there with the best in the industry. Much like GoPro videos at 1080p, DBPOWER EX5000 has crisp and clear videos that can be considered as Youtube-ready. The most significant difference is that DBPOWER EX5000 is a lot cheaper compared to the GoPro.

DBPOWER 2.0” WIFI 14MP HD 1080P Waterproof Action Camera

DBPOWER EX5000 Accessories

Aside from getting DBPOWER EX5000 action camera on its purchase, there also comes many accessories that go along with it. First off is its waterproof case that will help protect the camera from further damage when it is accidentally dropped and gives additional protection even if the camera is submerged under the water up to 30 meters deep. There is also the waterproof case clip and multi-function clip that will help the camera be more versatile regarding performance. Two different mounts even come for free. One for the bicycle or motorcycle mounts while the other is a helmet mount. Other accessories include belts, wiper, batteries, USB cable and a comprehensive user guide.

DBPOWER EX5000 Manual

The DBPOWER EX5000 only comes with a single “power” button and the rest of its function can be controlled via the 2-inch HD LCD. This feature can be confusing for many users most especially the ones who own an action camera for the first time. Fortunately, the DBPOWER EX5000 comes with a comprehensive user manual to help guide its owners and maximize usage. The user manual covers all aspects of the DBPOWER EX5000 specifications including different modes available on this action camera. The user manual should also be kept alongside the camera while using it for the first few occasions before the user is familiarized with the extensive uses of this product.


There is an exclusive mobile app used to share and edit images and videos including importing and exporting these files. The app is called FinalCam. Due to the built-in Wi-Fi feature of the DBPOWER EX5000, it comes hand in hand with the FinalCam and working around files is made more comfortable and convenient. You can download the app for free and install it on your smartphone or any mobile device then connect to the action camera via its Wi-Fi feature. You can take full control of the camera through the mobile app, and you will have a better flexibility that you can even operate it while being far away from the camera as if you are using a remote control for it.

Final Verdict

The DBPOWER EX5000 is a safe choice to pick for an action camera for vlogging. The 1080p Full HD resolution is pretty standard in today’s video recording, and it can already be decent enough to upload to Youtube and any other video platform. The accessories that go along with it provide better ways to enjoy the camera and be more creative when it comes to video recording or capturing images. The waterproof case also allows you to shoot underwater up to 30 meters deep that you can use the camera when scuba diving or cliff diving. The most important catch is that this product is way cheaper compared to the more established GoPro and that should be convincing enough for you to avail this product.

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