Eken H9r Review: EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K Wifi Waterproof Sports Camera

Ever since action cameras hit the market some years ago, it was easy for the product to become popular and its demand in the market has steadily been on the rise through the years. Due to this development, it is no wonder that different manufacturers have started to come up and started producing their action cameras. The market is no longer commanded by the likes of the GoPro Hero since there are already a lot of options available for consumers to choose from when it comes to action cameras. The EKEN H9R action camera is just one of them.

Eken H9r Review

Eken H9r Review

Eken H9R Ultra Hd 4K Review

The EKEN H9R action and sports cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and water proof camera with 4K video recording capabilities. It can record high quality videos in different resolutions such as 4K at 25fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p/60fps and 720p/120fps. All of these resolutions make the [su_highlight background=”#f1f582″]EKEN H9R[/su_highlight] perfect for any type of video recording purposes like vlogging, video interviews, and even film making. Aside from its video capabilities, this action camera is also capable of capturing impressive photos through its 12MP lens. You are always free to switch between video and camera mode depending on the need of your shoot through this camera.

This camera is pretty loaded with features that allow the user some versatility in doing shoots. Aside from the basics which are the video and photo mode, there are also the burst photo mode, time lapse and the loop recording mode that allow the 70-673 user to expand their creativity to create a customized and original photo or video file that is unique to them. The EKEN H9R is not just a regular action camera, but it is also immersive as it tries to capture real life moments that you will be able to relive later on when watching them on film.

The EKEN H9R is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with a built-in HDMI output. These features allow users to easily share or upload whatever it is that they were able to shoot with the camera on to the internet or any other storage device. The Wi-Fi signal has a range of up to 10 meters from the camera’s standpoint which makes it more convenient for you to transfer files from the camera on to a mobile device or the laptop just by standing near the camera. The HDMI output of the EKEN H9R is also well supported that you can conveniently review videos and images or even view a real-time display on a TV monitor via the HDMI cable provided as a part of purchasing the camera.

Apart from the video and photo features that this camera has to offer, this camera is also notable for its aesthetics and physical features. First off, the camera is extremely durable as it is made out of top quality materials that enable the camera to withstand harsh environments and weather conditions. This feature 70-686 also means that the camera is easy to carry around even in travel as long as you tuck it safely inside its camera bag or case. This action camera is also waterproof up to 100ft which allows you to shoot underwater shots in shallow waters. The EKEN H9R is completely wearable and mountable that you can use it even while doing your favorite outdoor activities such as biking, driving, surfing and even scuba diving. The outdoor capabilities make the EKEN H9R a heavy favorite among motovloggers.

The 2-inch full HD display gives a user interface that makes user experience incomparable to other action cameras out there that come with an LCD. You would always want to preview or playback videos and images in high quality, and this is made possible through EKEN H9R’s 2-inch full HD display. You can easily tweak settings and controls through this user interface so that the camera’s performance will completely be according to your preferences and nothing less. The user interface allows a complete and full spectrum of the features embodied within the camera, and it is up to you to use them to your fullest advantage.

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Just when you think that the EKEN H9R already has it all, there are still additional features that we are yet to give out. The action camera comes with a 2.4G wrist remote control that allows you to shift between modes in an instant. The 2.4G wrist remote control gives you total control of the camera even without being hands-on with the camera itself. The camera also comes with two batteries when purchased, and both batteries work together to perform for around 2 hours of straight video recording. The battery power is impressive enough that you can already consider it to be long-lasting. You can also consider having spare batteries to have no power issues 70-695 with the camera at all.

Final Words

The biggest catch for the EKEN H9R is that it can perform like a high-end action camera at the price of a standard digital camera. It is much cheaper compared to the leading action cameras out there in the market today, but you would not feel the disadvantage of having to own an EKEN H9R. It would also be safe to say that this action camera is not perfect and some of the features that it has to offer are inferior towards other action cameras, but if you only weigh the pros and cons, then you can safely say that the EKEN H9R is worth every penny.

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Oran Farley - November 13, 2017

Hello and great review! I will be selling the Eken H9r on my website. Would it be possible to use your review of the camera as part of my presentation? Regards Oran Farley.


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