Lightdow LD4000 1080P HD Sports Action Camera: An Exclusive Overview

If you are looking for a nice action camera that is not necessarily high end but performs particularly well under regular circumstances, then the Lightdow LD4000 sports action camera should be perfect for you. The features and specifications of this camera will not blow you off since they are pretty standard and necessary at this day and age. However, this camera is very cheap that you can buy it as low as $40 to $ 60depending on the store that you are purchasing from. That is an excellent deal considering this action camera is already decent enough with all its features and specs. In this article, let us get to know better the Lightdow LD4000 1080p HD sports action camera.

Lightdow LD4000 1080P HD Sports Action Camera

Lightdow LD4000 1080P HD Sports Action Camera

Lightdow LD4000 Action Camera Features:

The Lightdow LD4000 is capable of capturing 12MP photos with speed up to 30 frame per second and videos at 1080p/30 HD video resolution. In case you prefer a lower resolution then you can adjust the video settings to 720p/30 for a lower definition yet very manageable file size when saved on to the memory card of the camera. The Lightdow LD4000 uses a 170-degree wide angle lens that helps you cover more than what regular lens allow in a single shot. This wide angle lens makes the camera fitting for architectural, landscaping and indoor photography. On the contrary, this is an action camera as well which means it can also cater to the outdoors and make it versatile.

By the looks of it, there are no complexities to its design. Even though it comes in four different 1Z0-1006 dumps colors (blue, yellow, silver and black), it looks like your regular digital camera that is rectangular-shaped with lens upfront, the LCD behind and the controls on top. This factor should be considered as an advantage because it makes the product look easy to use and user-friendly. The aesthetics of this action camera makes it look sturdier. In fact, it is very durable for a low-end camera. It is waterproof and can be submerged under the water up to 30 meters. This action camera is designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions. Durability is this product’s middle name.



Just like any other action cameras, the Lightdow LD4000 is mountable and wearable in different ways. It is compatible with common mounts available for action cameras that you can mount it on a bike, helmet, or use it on a tripod. There are unlimited options on how to maximize the visual capabilities of this action camera, and you can do all this without the help of another person. Self-capture photography or videography has never been this fun. 1z0-494 dumps There are several mounts and accessories as freebies when purchasing the Lightdow LD4000, so you no longer have to buy them separately unless you have a specific mount or accessory in mind that do not come in the package.
Another great feature of this product does not come with the product itself but from the company who is manufacturing it. This factor only means that the company is responsible for replacing the product that you have in case there are features on it that it is unable to perform. However, be noted that quality-related issues only cover the capabilities of this action camera, and any expectations that cannot be achieved by the product is bound to the company’s judgment. In short, you should not expect this camera to do more than what its specifications and features say.

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The clear setback to this action camera is that it does not come with a free memory card. You need to choose a separate micro SD card to save images and videos that you have captured and recorded with it. The Lightdow LD4000 can support up to 32GB micro SD card which is large enough for pictures and videos combined. The user interface may also be difficult to understand for newbies, and it may take some time before the user eventually gets the hang of things in there. Other than this cons, I don’t 1Z0-1028 dumps think that there is a lot more bad stuff to say about the Lightdow LD4000.

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The Verdict

Then again, it would be safe to say that the Lightdow LD4000 does not rank way up there with the GoPro and other leading action cameras in the industry, but it holds its ground in this field. The features and specification do not jump out of the window, but its serviceability is decent enough given the reasonable amount that you paid for the product. With 12MP photos and 1080p/30 videos, this action camera can already be used for best vlogging purposes or solely for capturing life’s beautiful moments. Be it with yourself, family and friends.This camera one of those products that can do more than what their price tag says.

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