Vlogging Tips For Growing Your Following

Vlogging Tips For Growing Your Following

Starting a vlog is a very straightforward endeavor. You figure out what you want to talk about and you start shooting the video. Then you host it on some site or maybe Youtube. That’s it. But the work doesn’t stop there. That’s actually the easy part. The hard part is the work you need to do in order to ensure the success of your vlog. Part of making a successful vlog is growing your following. The number of people that are subscribed to your vlog is actually the main barometer to its success. The more followers you have, the more successful it can be. Why? That’s simple. More followers will always equate to more views. And more views will always mean more income (especially in YouTube). So how do you grow your following? Here are a few tips you can follow.

Choose a Niche

This is actually more of a necessity rather than an option. Choosing a specific niche to focus into will allow you to streamline your content. Plus, it will also allow you to target a specific audience. There are actually two ways you can go about this. You can either choose a niche that is already pretty established. Let’s say a travel vlog is what you had in mind. This is a pretty popular niche, so you will not have any problem introducing your vlog to an audience since it is already pretty common and well established. The upside to that is since it is a pretty popular niche, there are a lot of potential viewers. The downside is, you will have to compete with a lot of vloggers for a share of the target audience. So, you will have to be more unique in terms of the content you put up in order to get ahead of the competition.

Get Ahead on Trends

With the onset of social media, trends have become very quick to spread. There have been a lot of trends that have come and gone. The biggest gainers of those trends were those who got ahead of it and were able to jump into the bandwagon a lot earlier. This will require quite an amount of time doing research on the internet. You will have to be able to anticipate which trend will be the next big thing. You see, the advantage of getting on trends as early as possible is that you will potentially be able to capture the attention of a lot of viewers. When that happens, expect to see a rise in the number of followers/subscribers in your vlog or even YouTube channel.

Consistency is Key

If you notice, the common denominator with top vloggers is consistency. They always put up new content regularly. But it doesn’t stop there. Consistency doesn’t only involve quantity of uploads but quality as well. So, make sure that you have a specific set of gears you use to shoot videos. This will ensure that the quality of the videos will be consistent.

Participate in Your Niche’s Community

Participating in the community where your niche belongs is a great way to let the people know that you are out there. If you run a make-up vlog, visit other vloggers’ channels and comment on their posts. Engage with the people. You see, the beauty about commenting on other people’s vlogs is that you will be able to promote your own vlog as well. Just make sure you do it in a subtle manner. When commenting, just be genuine and conversational. Don’t plaster the link to your vlog right away. A good way to do blog commenting is to reply properly and slowly work your way to introducing a relative link in your vlog to the comment. Remember, the keyword here is “genuine”. Always be genuine when you comment on other people’s blog. That way, you can get their attention properly.

Invest in Your Gear

If you want to improve the quality of your videos, you have to invest in the gear you are using. Entry level cameras are all well and good when you are starting, but that can only get you so far. If you want to up your game, you also have to invest in better gear (e.g. mid to high tier cameras, microphones, etc). Aside from your gear, you can also look into upgrading to a better video editing software. Look for a software that will allow you to do more with your edits.

Social Media is the Key

Nowadays, every trend or viral video will always find its way on a social media platform. In fact, most of these trends or viral videos originate in social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. So it will always be worth your time to spend a bit of time promoting your vlog in social media sites. Aside from potentially increasing your viewership, social media sites are also a great way to interact with your current and potential followers. By staying active in social media platforms, you give your vlog a chance to be viewed by millions of people. That’s why it is worth the investment. f

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