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More than ten years ago, blogging was viral that many people even considered their respective blogs as their cash cows. Due to its popularity, blogging constantly improvised until other platforms evolved out of it such as the more popular vlogging which has replaced traditional blogging these days. In this article, let us take a closer look at vlogging and vlogs including how they impact today’s internet world. After reading this blog, you will have a clearer idea of what vlogging and a vlog is all about.

What is a Vlog And What Does Vlogging Mean?

What is a Vlog &  What Does Vlogging Mean?

What is a Vlog?

Vlog is the shortcut for video blog wherein the traditional blogging concept is presented with video as its medium. The so-called “vlogs” are uploaded to a video platform site such as Youtube or are embedded on websites for the audience to watch. This platform has become popular with video enthusiasts out there because it is much easier to catch the attention of people via videos rather than entice them to read articles via blogging. Today, vlogging has gone on to become a culture on its own with vloggers becoming Youtube personalities and earn celebrity status which is relatively rare for regular bloggers.

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Type of Vlogs

Vlogs can easily be categorized depending on the video channel where they are being uploaded due to the terms and conditions that cover each one of these videos under each video channel. Let us get to know three of the most popular types of vlogs or social media channels that cater to these vlogs.


This video channel is home to the most popular and heavily followed vlogs out there. Most of the vloggers who were able to gain fame out of their vlogs started out on Youtube before spreading their mileage through other social media accounts. It is a no-brainer that you should automatically pick Youtube as a channel for your vlog. This website has millions of visitors, and you would want to have a percentage of these visitors to become your vlog’s viewers.


Vimeo has fewer visitors compared to Youtube, but it can offer much upside as well for your vlogs. First off, the video quality is far better when uploaded to Vimeo compared to Youtube most especially in the HD format. Video quality is a significant factor for vlogging that is why you should consider this advantage off of Vimeo. There are also no ads at all on this channel that is why your viewers are assured that there will be no distractions in between while watching your videos.


This French video sharing website is a great channel if you want to make money out of your vlogs through its Dailymotion Publisher which is a program that assists vloggers for their money-making purposes. The biggest advantage to this is that you do not have to create the video yourself since you can just copy the video from your website or blog then publish it on Dailymotion and you can right away make money out of every view that your video gets.

What is VidCon?

Due to the fast rise of vlogging and this aspect of online activity becoming a culture, many activities and even a convention were created in support of vlogging and its enthusiasts. VidCon is the world’s largest video conference gathering vloggers, viewers, brand ambassadors and even company representatives from all around the world in a two or three-day convention. Ever since the first VidCon back in 2010, this has become an annual practice including the latest one that happened back on April 7 to 9 of 2017. VidCon tickets are easily sold out year after year.

VidCon was founded by siblings Hank & John Green of the Vlogbrothers Youtube channel back in 2010. The 3-day convention is usually divided into programs depending on genres such as gaming, music, commercial, etc. The event is often held at Anaheim Convention Center in the US but other VidCon events have also emerged particularly this year wherein VidCon Europe was organized in Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands for its Europe leg. Just like vlogging in general, VidCon also continues to grow, and there are even speculations that a separate Asian leg is going to be organized for VidCon starting next year.

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