What is the Best Quality Vlogging Camera with Autofocus?

What is the Best Quality Vlogging Camera with Autofocus?

Vlogging is a great activity to get into. Plus, it really won’t cost you a lot just to get started. All you need is a great camera, a vlog site and time to spend. It can also become one of the more profitable endeavors when done correctly. But in order to do so, the first requirement is that you must have high quality videos at all times. The best way to achieve that is to make 300-701 dumps sure all your shots have great focus. Fortunately, with the autofocus feature that is prevalent in most cameras today, it won’t be that hard to achieve. All you need to do is pick the right camera. But which vlogging camera has the best autofocus feature today? The answer to that question is the Canon EOS 77D. But this camera has so much more to offer aside from having an excellent autofocus. Read on to find out what else this camera can bring to the table.

Main Characteristics

The Canon EOS 77D is a DSLR camera that will perfectly suite your vlogging needs. It has excellent picture quality first and foremost. Although it is a DSLR camera (which isn’t really great for vlogging because of its size), it does make up for all the features that it offers. That’s why many vloggers ignore the convention and start using this instead of travel cameras.

Think of the EOS 77D as your trusty jacket. It’s not too flashy and not too extravagant, but it does the job well. That’s all you can really want from a vlogging camera. What this camera does better than most of the other cameras on the market today is that it handles noise a lot better at higher sensitivities. This allows you to shoot videos a lot better, especially outdoors. It can capture full HD resolution at 60 frames per second but it doesn’t have 4K capabilities 300-710 dumps like other high end cameras. As we’ve said, this camera doesn’t have any advanced features that makes it stand out. It just does its job as advertised. It’s a basic DSLR camera that will be able to give you high quality images and videos when used right.

Pros and Cons


  • Has excellent image quality
  • Uses a 45-point autofocus system
  • Has a great live view AF performance
  • Touchscreen interface allows for more convenience


  • Frame is made of plastic like material
  • Doesn’t have 4K capability
  • Continuous shooting speed isn’t as great as it should be


As mentioned above, the Canon EOS 77D is a DSLR camera. So expect that all design features that you will normally find in a DSLR camera will be present in this one. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate resin. It has an overall weight of only 8 grams. You can attribute that to the fact that the materials used are plastic like, therefore very light. It does have comfortable grip and textured feel which is pretty nice. Plus, it boasts of a touchscreen 300-715 dumps interface which is more convenient for most users today. All in all, it has a slim and compact design which will be a great camera to lug around. It is especially good for travel vloggers because of its weight.

Special Features

What makes this camera standout from the rest of the competition is its autofocus feature. After all, you came to this article mainly because you were looking for the best camera with autofocus. This camera uses a 45-point AF system with all cross-type sensors. This is what makes the camera focus on the subject automatically with excellent precision and clarity. Its autofocus system also has excellent sensitivity because it can detect up to -3EV. So it should be able to lock on to the subject even if it is poorly lit. The focusing speed is also quite remarkable considering that this is almost an entry level camera. There are other more high end cameras with better autofocus than the EOS 77D. But you simply can’t beat the value that this camera brings when you factor in the price. Those other cameras with better autofocus are certainly way more expensive.


Canon guarantees that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year starting from the date of original purchase. The warranty will cover all defects encountered in normal use of the camera.


What makes the Canon EOS 77D great is that it is very reliable. It has become a favorite among vloggers even though it is a DSLR camera. The reason for that is mainly because of its autofocus capability. Although it is definitely not the highest autofocus today, it will definitely be more than good enough if you are a vlogger whose aim is to shoot high quality videos. Plus, the value for money is simply unbeatable. All in all, that’s what makes this camera very appealing. 0

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