Why Canon G7X Mark II Is Great For Vlogging

When starting a vlog, you will need two things, a concept and a great camera. The concept will of course dictate what type of content you will be putting up with your blog. But the most important thing to ensure is that you shoot high quality videos. Of course quality doesn’t just mean that it is interesting. You also have to look at quality of the image as well as the audio. These things 300-510 are very important. Who would want to watch a blurry video that won’t clearly show the subject right?
In terms of vlogging, one of the most common cameras being used is the Canon G7X Mark II. This article will explain why that is. So without further ado, here’s why this camera is great for any vlogger starting out.
Main Characteristics
The Canon G7X Mark II became a popular choice among vloggers mainly due to its superior image quality. It also helps that this is a compact camera, which makes it easier to carry around. This works well if you are a travel vlogger.
This premium camera offers a high level of control for the user. This allows you to get the perfect shot all the time, as long as you know what you are doing of course. It features a 4x optical zoom lens that has a focal length of 24-100mm. It is capable of recording full HD videos. For those who are unaware, full HD means the resolution will be 1920×1080. It doesn’t have 4K capabilities, which is really pretty common for compact cameras.
This camera is very compact that it fits in your pocket. It has manual control and is capable of shooting in raw format (just like a DSLR). Another interesting characteristic of the Canon G7X Mark II is that it performs well during low light conditions. As a vlogger, that is one of the most important factors you need to look. Unless you always shoot inside a studio where lighting is perfect, you will need a camera that can shoot well during low light conditions. This is to ensure that you still get a high quality video. Overall, it is a great camera for everyday use. What it isn’t though is an action camera. If you plan on shooting action videos, you’re better off with a GoPro.
Pros and Cons
• Has a large sensor
• Uses wide aperture lens
• It has a touch-sensitive screen
• Has Wi-Fi connectivity
• Doesn’t have a viewfinder
• Limited zoom capabilities
The sleek and utilitarian design of the Canon G7X Mark II actually works in its favor. Most people usually first notice cameras that look very flashy. Yet, this camera actually has a very elegant 300-515 feel to it even though it looks so simple. Every detail is designed to have a purpose. For example, its grip allows you to firmly hold the compact camera even if your hands are a bit moist. And as mentioned above, it is a compact camera, so expect it to be able to fit inside the pockets of your jeans.
It has a very solid metal construction, but sadly, it doesn’t have a viewfinder. This is the one flaw in this otherwise perfect compact camera. It has a relatively small number of buttons, which is good for the not so tech-savvy user. Its mode dial is conveniently located at the top so you can easily access it. Although it doesn’t have a viewfinder, the display screen is actually large enough for you to be able to discern if your shot is just about right.
Canon also designed the G7X Mark II to have a quick menu button so you can access the most used settings in your camera. This makes it more convenient and faster for you to get your camera ready. This can prove to be helpful especially in cases where you spot a nice view or moment that you want to quickly take a shot of.
Special Features
Aside from all the features mentioned above, what makes the Canon G7X Mark II stand out above the rest is its processor. This is the secret to the great quality that this camera produces. It uses the latest processor from Canon called DIGIC 7. This processor drastically upgrades the image quality of the camera. It’s leaps and bounds when you compare it with its predecessors.
This processor also allows for a more accurate and faster auto-focus feature. This is especially true if there is good lighting. Auto-focus suffers a bit in bad lighting but that is to be expected. Aside from the auto-focus, the processor has also improved the ISO performance of the camera. There is less noise in higher speeds now, compared to before. Compared to the older iterations, the DIGIC 7 process really boosts the speed of the camera in terms of operations. You will notice that when you play back the shots you have taken. Older cameras tend to have a specific loading time when playing back the shots it took. This one is noticeably faster. Lastly, the processor allows you to take bright and punchy images. In short, it is what makes this compact camera very ideal for vloggers.
Canon warrants this camera to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. When the camera is returned to a Canon USA repair facility and proven to be defective upon inspection, Canon has the sole discretion and at no charge, repair the camera using remanufactured, repaired and/or recycled parts; or exchange it for a new 300-535 one or a refurbished one. This will depend on the Canon USA repair facility.
Keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t cover accessories and will only apply if the camera is used in conjunction with compatible computer equipment and compatible software, as to which items Canon U.S.A. shall have no responsibility. The warranty will however, cover all defects encountered during normal use of the camera. Misuse, abuse or failure to follow operating or maintenance procedures will void the warranty.
So as you can see, the Canon G7X Mark II is one hell of a compact camera. As a vlogger, it has everything you will need. It is light and compact and takes great photos and videos. That is the most important part. It does cost a bit more than other compact cameras on the market today, but it does justify it with its performance. With a new processor, not only will you be getting a very handy camera that takes great photos and videos, you will also be using a very efficient one. It has a considerably faster operating time due to its DIGIC 7 processor. If you can live with a camera that doesn’t have a viewfinder, this is an excellent choice.
It also helps that this camera has a very sleek and elegant design. All in all, it presents great value for money, which is perfect for vloggers who are just starting out, or for those who are looking to upgrade their camera. It’s everything you are looking for in a compact camera. And that’s why it is one of the most widely used vlogging cameras today.

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