Xiaomi YI Dashcam Review: YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Action Camera

Back in the day, consumers do not demand too much of cameras because as long as they can capture images and record videos, then they are already satisfied with it. The camera technology has gone a long way since then, and these days, consumers already look forward to lots of features and specifications that the product can provide aside from its basic photography and video recording capabilities. One of the more popular video camera in the market today is the YI 2.7” Screen Full HD (High-Definition ) 1080p60 165 Wide Angle dashboard camera. The product description pretty much gives away what the camera is capable of but let us try to get to know a bit further this camera model.

Xiaomi YI Dashcam Review

Xiaomi YI Dashcam Review

Specifications And Features

This camera is built with the ADAS technology also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which is by far the most advanced and highly optimized algorithm technology that assures safety through the provision of Lane Departure in the real-time fashion. The YI wide angle dashboard camera is capable of recording videos with 1080p at 60fps HD resolution which is not entirely groundbreaking but pretty much standard in this day and age. The camera device is also empowered with the G-Sensor technology wherein the camera automatically records video footage of the events before an accident or a collision which makes the camera perfect to mount on vehicles and even motorcycles. The footage recorded can be instrumental in claiming insurance disputes and other legalities later on.

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If you are a YI Smart Dash camera user, you will not encounter blind spot issues because this camera is equipped with an ultra wide-angle lens up to 165 degrees. The wide lens allows you to cover all of the possible lanes without worrying about anything that your lenses overlook. The YI dashboard camera is also motion sensitive that you will surely capture accurate and the most detailed images and videos even in constant motion. This camera model is advisable for vloggers out there who prefer to shoot videos while being on the go and is also applicable for photoshoots that have a moving concept.

The YI Smart Dash camera is also powered with a very efficient H.264 video encoding technology that guarantees crystal clear images and crisp videos all in high resolution yet at the same time optimize the files to save up on disk space and make room for more footage and pictures. This YI wide angle dashboard camera features a high-resolution lens that is entirely made out of glass. It has an F1.8 aperture which is the leading number all throughout the industry and a 3.0-micrometer x 3.0-micrometer ultra-sensitive image sensor for top quality night vision. This camera model is serviceable even at night or in the environment with poor lighting conditions.

The YI wide angle dashboard camera has built-in Wi-Fi to enable one-touch sharing of files onto the internet. It has an integrated 2.4GHz wireless module that allows the camera to connect to the Wi-Fi connection upon opening the free app provided in the purchase. Once inside the app, you can get to view real-time video footage or review recordings stored inside the camera. The Wi-Fi enabled feature also helps to make it more convenient for users to share images and videos that they have created out of the camera to the world via the internet. Aside from internet connectivity, there is also the 6G lens with an infrared filter that helps capture every moment in complete details. This 6G professional lens which is made out of 100% glass material has an infrared filter that blocks out glare and infrared rays to produce images and videos that are sharper, more crisp and clearer as if they are taken right out of what your eyes could see.

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YI Dashcam App

The Bottom Line

It is not fair to say that YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080p60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera is the perfect video camera that you will find on the market today. This camera model lies somewhere between high-end cameras and the standard ones. However, it should be noted that the YI Smart Dash camera is cheaper compared to its other counterparts who offer the same features and product specifications. If you are indeed a smart consumer, then you can never go wrong with buying the YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD (High-Definition ) 1080p60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera to add on to your collection. Just make sure you go at the right merchant to score the perfect deal.

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