What Do YouTube’s Use To Edit Videos Free: Exclusive Overview 7 Best Video Editing Software

If you are thinking of having videos that have potential to become viral, then you cannot just upload them to Youtube straight from your camera. There have to be processes involved to make sure that your video/s is Youtube-ready before the world can see it. This situation is where video editing comes in handy. By editing videos, you get to polish the outcome of your videos and choose only segments that you only want to be shown. You can also play around to enhance the video quality or add filters that will make the video more watchable for the audience. Below are tools that YouTubers use to edit videos for free.


What Do YouTubers Use To Edit Videos Free

Youtube Video Editor

URL: https://www.youtube.com/editor
Youtube Video Editor is notable for being straightforward and direct to the point. It does not offer complexities to its users and only gives them essential features which are a welcome development for beginners in video editing. The YVE is easy to use and processes video quickly as it only follows a single track timeline wherein you can add on basic effects and simple transitions. Adding a soundtrack to your videos is also made easier with the YVE.

It should also be acknowledged that the Youtube Video Editor tool is still under development and there are hopes that they will be adding complexities to the software later on. Much like its name suggests, you can edit videos that are already uploaded via your Youtube account and cannot be used to edit raw videos saved to your hard drive. Nevertheless, this tool is advisable for beginners and Youtube enthusiasts who need a quick fix on their Youtube videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro

A timeline-based video editing app released by Adobe, the Adobe Premiere Pro follows in the footsteps of its predecessor Adobe Premiere who was launched back in 1991. This product is geared towards professional video editing that even major productions in Hollywood use the Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos. It can support high-resolution videos up to 10240 x 8192 and 32-bits per channel color at either YUV or RGB color modes.

Other features available in Adobe Premiere Pro are VST audio plug-in support, 5.1 surround sound mixing and audio sample-level editing. All of the following are expert-level functions that are very useful for professional video editors. Newbies may have a hard time using the APP app as the right amount of knowledge is required to operate this app. Notable companies, production, and films which use Adobe Premiere Pro are CNN studios, Gone Girl, Monsters, Madonna’s Confessions Tour.

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XSplit Broadcaster & XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit is an application focused on live streaming and video mixing tasks. This Microsoft-exclusive app has two products in the form of XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster. The former is a video mixer that allows you to switch between different media configuration commonly referred to as “scenes” while the latter is a live streaming and recording app. XSplit Broadcaster was released in 2012 while XSplit Gamecaster was made available in 2014. Both apps have numerous updates from then on.

XSplit Broadcaster is capable of dynamic mixing through other devices such as video cameras, game capture, flash sources, etc. These devices can be used as sources to create a broadcast production for live purposes or material distribution on the internet. On the other hand, XSplit Gamecaster is designed for gamers who want to have their gameplay streamed live or record their game without the need for an expensive setup and configuration.

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Screen Recording Software

There are lots of screen recording software available on the internet. Although they differ in brands, the objective is the same which is to create screencast videos out of movies and games being played on the computer or consoles. Aside from that basic purpose, screen recording software can also be used to edit videos and reproduce them in different file formats. The most popular screen recording software is DVD Videosoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder, CamStudio, and Camtasia just to name a few.

All of these screen recording software are capable of multi-track video and audio recording and are the go-to software of independent music and film makers. These tools are available online for free that is why people who are into audio and video production which are on a tight budget most likely rely on screen recording software for editing music and videos. Most of this software also have their paid version, but if your intention is just for basic video editing, then you can just go with the free version.

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Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a project first developed by Macromedia Inc. but later released by Apple Inc. It is a non-linear video editing software that exclusively runs on Intel-based Mac computers. The software enables users to create a Final Cut account and login onto it to transfer videos then edit and process them into a wide variety of formats available. Final Cut Pro has a vast user base, and this number continues to grow up to this very day.
FCP provides non-linear and non-destructive video editing for professional and novice users. Some of its features include supporting simultaneously composed video tracks but is limited depending on video form capabilities. It is also capable of multi-camera editing for combining videos from different camera sources with functions such as standard ripple, slide, slip, roll, razor blade, scrub and time re-mapping. The software comes with a range if transitions and tools as well.

6. iMovie – Apple

There is limited video editing software out there that are capable of dealing with 4K videos. Videos with 4K resolution are at least four times better than the standard 1080p resolution that is why most free video editing software are not capable of dealing with this ultra-HD videos. Fortunately, there’s the iMovie from Apple that lets you share and edit 4K videos captured from various supported devices. You are assured that the end-result is in top quality and crisp.

iMovie already has multiple versions ever since it was released in 1999. This software bundled with Mac computers or through the Apple store. It is easy to get your hand on it if you are an avid Apple user. Since it is an Apple product, you can expect it only be compatible with Apple gadgets such as the iPad, iPhone & Mac computers. In its latest version, the Apple Intermediate Codec has been installed on the system as a QuickTime component.

Corel VideoStudio

If iMovie is totally for Apple products, then Microsoft Windows also has Corel VideoStudio which is a video editing software exclusively for this system. The software is capable of the storyboard, and timeline-oriented video editing can support a broad range of formats and export end-product to DVD, AVCHD, HD-DVD, and AVI. It has a variety of tools available that makes video editing or creation much more fun out of this software.
What makes the Corel VideoStudio a bit more unique is the fact that it follows a very simple interface which makes it very user-friendly. It can also provide several categories for video transition such as FX, 3D, Album, etc. Although some users have problems with its rendering speed, this video editing software all-in-all is a total innovation due to the wide range of tools and applications that you can do to edit or create videos. You can also take advantage of plug-ins from other programs to further enhance its capabilities.

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My Opinion

The following video editing tools and software are the most popular ones that Youtubers use for editing their videos. All of them can come for free depending on your internet knowledge, but their paid versions could later come in handy when you need more tools and accessories to enhance your videos further. You can spend for these later on as soon as you are making money out of your Youtube channel.

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