Why are most of Youtubers Using Canon 70D for Vlogging?

A lot of professional vloggers use the Canon 70D in recording videos because of its proven high-quality results. If you try to do research on favorite YouTubers out there, you will quickly notice that a great slew of these Youtube personalities use the Canon 70D or at least have this camera as a part of their equipment setup. They do not have to use the Canon 70D as their primary cam but at least have it in their repertoire whether for backup usage or specific shoots. Let us take a closer look at the Canon 70D and examine why this camera model is perfect for vlogging.

Why are most of Youtubers Using Canon 70D for Vlogging?

Why are most of Youtubers Using Canon 70D for Vlogging?

Is the Canon 70D Good for Vlogging?

The Canon 70D is capable of 1080p30 for its maximum video recording quality with a 20.2 MP for stunning images. These features are pretty standard when it came to vlogging and given the Canon 70D is of the DSLR mold then the following specs should be expected from it and not perform at a subpar level. It also comes with a flip screen that comes in handy for most vloggers as they can easily see that they are shooting the right frame without the need for some assistance from another person. The Canon 70D’s processor is incredibly fast that you can instantly put it into the program when the need for a video recording arises without further delays.

Another essential feature of the Canon 70D that should be notable for vloggers is its touchscreen LCD function. With MB2-716 this feature, you easily have access to a user-friendly interface that allows the user to get on top of things and control settings and preferences as desired just by the touch of a button on the screen. There is no need to read manuals or toggle buttons manually since everything is already incorporated on the LCD. The same LCD screen can also be used to adjust the focusing point by just clicking in the display, and the focal point will right away move on to the desired subject of focus.#

Why are most YouTubers Using Canon 70D Particularly for Vlogging?

The strongest feature of the Canon 70D that makes it very much appealing to vloggers and YouTubers is its autofocus system. This feature allows videographers who are non-professionals to shoot videos precisely as if they are actually skilled in being behind the camera. In other words, this feature will make novice video recorders seem like professionals because they will never lose focus with the autofocus system guiding them the rest of the way. The autofocus system works very fast and reacts even more quickly that it can go through the motion that comes along with action vlogging or even motovlogging.

Another advantage of the Canon 70D that makes it vlogger-friendly is its excellent battery life. This camera model is capable of taking 50 more shots compared to your average DSLR before you need to replace or recharge its batteries. This advantage MB2-717 could right away mean that it can be possible to record videos a few minutes longer than your average DSLR as well. If you carry around a spare battery for your Canon 70D whenever shooting videos for your vlog, then you surely will have no worries of battery power for the rest of the shoot. Being WiFi ready also makes it convenient to use for vloggers so that they can easily transfer files on to the computer or mobile device as soon as they are available.

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The Ending

To sum it up, the Canon 70D has a significant set of advantages that vloggers want to use. No wonder why it easily has become a staple camera for Youtubers and vloggers out there. However, I have to be unbiased to state that there are also disadvantages or cons to this camera model as well. Even though this camera can be considered to be lightweight, it cannot be described to be luggable unlike mirrorless cameras and compact digital cameras. Another clear disadvantage is that it does not allow you to record videos at 60p Full HD even though it is capable of recording at 720p and a maximum 1080p. This con limits the user’s creativity by being only limited to two available MB2-718 resolutions. It is safe to say that these pros defeat the number of cons and the Canon 70D still holds the title for being one of the best vlogging cameras out there in the market today.

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